Build Your Long-Term Wealth with Dollar-Cost Averaging (“DCA”)

Dated 04-08-2022

What is DCA?

DCA is a strategy whereby an investment is done monthly, quarterly or on a schedule with a fixed amount of money into a particular investment regardless of market fluctuations.
This potentially helps investors reduce the risk of their overall investment.
Investors often attempt to time markets by applying a simple method that is buying the fund when prices are low and selling them when they’re at their highest. However, it is always difficult to predict market swings.
This is why DCA is a method that helps to:
  • Even out the price fluctuations; and
  • Potentially reduce the price you spend per unit.
The Benefits of DCA
How does DCA work?
This comparison of DCA against lump sum investing will help you better understand how DCA works.
DCA is an investing strategy for investors who want a scheduled contribution into his/her investment portfolio over time. This may help to mitigate the risk of timing the market regardless of market movement.

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