Corporate Management Portfolio

Our Corporate Management Portfolio enables you to maximize your investment yields to cater to your investment needs.

Investment Needs Operating Cash
working capital required to meet daily needs of the business
Core Cash
generally earmarked for unknown future needs of the company
Strategic Cash
stable balance sheet assets not intended for specific expenditures. They are typically put into Fixed Deposits
Investment Horizon 0 – 6 months 6 – 12 months > 12 months
Liquidity Needs Regular access to cash, overnight parking Occasional access to a portion of cash Varies; accessibility determined prior to investment
Solutions Hong Leong Income Management Fund (HLIMF) Hong Leong Islamic Income Management Fund (HLIIMF) Hong Leong Institutional Bond Fund (HLIBF)
Hong Leong Islamic Institutional Income Management Fund II (HLIIIMF2)

Benefits of Corporate Management Portfolio

  • Enhanced net income
  • Aims for capital stability and consistent returns
    - Stringent risk management
  • Exit at no costs to investors
  • Flexibility in redemption
Benefits of Corporate Management Portfolio

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