HLG Unit Trust Launches HLG SaversPro

Dated 09-09-2009

Regular savings plan with free insurance coverage offers wealth accumulation with protection

Kuala Lumpur, 9 September 2009 - In view of the upsurge in demand for portfolio management and good financial planning, HLG Unit Trust Bhd today launched the HLG SaversPro scheme for unit trust investors. The HLG SaversPro is based on a fixed savings plan designed for investors who are seeking wealth accumulation. In addition, this plan is also suitable for the investing public who are seeking insurance protection - free insurance coverage valued up to RM 1 million is also offered in this savings plan.

With a minimum monthly investment of RM100 into HLG SaversPro, investors can enjoy the Term Life (TL) & Accidental Death and Disablement (ADD) insurance provided under this scheme. Here, investors will be insured a minimum 100 times of their monthly savings, which would then increase by 10 times every 2 years until a maximum of 150 times. With this increasing coverage, investors would be insured a maximum of RM500,000 per life under its Term Life coverage or RM1 million for Term Life plus Accidental Death or Disablement. Hong Leong Assurance Bhd, a sister company of HLG Unit Trust Bhd, has been appointed the underwriter for this scheme.

HLG SaversPro is essentially a regular savings plan that adopts the Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy. Based on this strategy, investors would be able to make a fixed monthly contribution into an array of selected established HLG Funds based on investor’s investment objective. The HLG Funds available under this scheme are nine funds which include 2 local equity funds, namely, HLG Penny Stock Fund and HLG Strategic Fund; 2 foreign equity funds being HLG Asia Pacific Infrastructure Fund and HLG Global Value Fund; a local and a foreign balanced fund which is HLG Balanced Fund and HLG Global Resources Income Fund respectively; HLG GEM Resources Strategic Fund which is a mixed assets fund and 2 Shariah funds namely, HLG Dana Maa’rof and HLG Dana Makmur.

The Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy is emphasised under this plan as it encourages investors to spread their investments over regular intervals instead of making a lump sum investment. In effect, this would reduce the risk of investment which is especially true for investors who invest all of their capital just before a falling market.

This strategy is also able to lower down the average investment cost as regular investment buys less units when the prices of units are high and more units when prices of units are low. By averaging the unit price paid, investor’s average cost will be lowered.

“With consumers becoming more discerning, we see a need to introduce more innovative products that will satisfy the investment needs of a more sophisticated market. As such, we are proud to offer our HLG SaversPro to the investing public as it is an investment tool that doubles up as an insurance plan,“ said Mr Teo Chang Seng, Acting CEO and Executive Director of HLG Unit Trust Bhd. “We are also confident that with the wide range of 9 funds included under this plan, investors with varying investment needs would be able to find a suitable HLG fund that match their investment portfolio,” he said.

This newly-launched HLG SaversPro is also expected to contribute notably to the company’s revenue. “As Malaysians generally have good saving habits, we anticipate an encouraging demand for this scheme as it is based on a regular savings concept. This savings plan would also be an alternative investment avenue for investors as it offers potentially higher returns compared to prevailing FD and EPF returns. As such, we foresee this plan to contribute 20% towards agency sales within the next 5 years,” Teo added.

HLG SaversPro is exclusively distributed by HLG Unit Trust Bhd’s agency force nationwide with support offices in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. For further enquiries, interested investors may call up HLG Unit Trust’s Customer Service Hotline at 603-2733 2500.

About HLG Unit Trust Bhd

Incorporated on October 5 1994, HLG Unit Trust Bhd is an established unit trust management company, and a member of the Hong Leong Group. Its core business is the management of unit trust funds.

The company already manages 36 unit trust funds to date, which are distributed nationwide through multiple channels. Direct and channel distribution activities are supported by the HLG Unit Trust Bhd’s strategic nationwide sales support infrastructure. This includes our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and six sales support offices nationwide in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

As at 31 August 2009, HLG Unit Trust Bhd has a combined total fund size of RM 3.06 billion.