Hong Leong’s Unit Trust and Asset Management Businesses Merged

Dated 01-06-2010

Merged Entities Now Known As Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd

Kuala Lumpur, 1 June 2010 – Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (formerly known as HLG Unit Trust Bhd) has merged with HLG Asset Management Sdn Bhd, with effect from 1 June 2010. The merged entity is now known as Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd.

The merger is a strategic initiative in line with the company’s growth and expansion plans. “The integration of both entities would lead to greater management and operational efficiencies as well as provide a central platform for our regional aspirations,” said Mr Geoffrey Ng, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd. “With the combined investment management business resulting in improved resources and effective talent sharing across the board, our investors would be the ultimate beneficiaries,” Ng continued.

The company would be able to offer more innovative solutions and improve our service levels toward meeting the investment objectives of our clients and partners. In addition, the company would now be able to reach out and cater to a wider base of investors, from retail investors to high net worth investors and institutions. “We are confident that with Hong Leong Asset Management’s established brand and track record in the investment management industry, we are able to provide greater value to an extended base of customers,” Ng added.

In tandem with the merger, a new name convention has been implemented for all funds. Effective 1 June 2010, all funds formerly with the prefix ‘HLG’ have been re-designated with the prefix ‘Hong Leong’. “This new name convention has been implemented as part of our ongoing brand initiative. With the new name, it would also provide our investors with ease of identification and communication,” Ng remarked.

To further illustrate, the following funds have been re-designated with the prefix ‘Hong Leong’ effective 1 June 2010 -

Retail Funds

Previous Fund Name New Fund Name
HLG Growth Fund Hong Leong Growth Fund
HLG Penny Stock Fund Hong Leong Penny Stock Fund
HLG Blue Chip Fund Hong Leong Blue Chip Fund
HLG Sectoral Funds Hong Leong Sectoral Funds
HLG Dana Makmur Hong Leong Dana Makmur
HLG Bond Fund Hong Leong Bond Fund
HLG Balanced Fund Hong Leong Balanced Fund
HLG Dana Maa’rof Hong Leong Dana Maa’rof
HLG Dividend Fund Hong Leong Dividend Fund
HLG Strategic Fund Hong Leong Strategic Fund
HLG Institutional Bond Fund Hong Leong Institutional Bond Fund
HLG Islamic Income Management Fund Hong Leong Islamic Income Management Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund
HLG Global Healthcare Fund Hong Leong Global Healthcare Fund
HLG Global Resources Income Fund Hong Leong Global Resources Income Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Fund Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Property Income Plus Fund Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Property Income Plus Fund
HLG Global Value Fund Hong Leong Global Value Fund
HLG Global Bond Fund Hong Leong Global Bond Fund
HLG GEMS Cash Plus Fund Hong Leong GEMS Cash Plus Fund
HLG GEM Resources Strategic Fund Hong Leong GEM Resources Strategic Fund
HLG Vietnam Fund Hong Leong Vietnam Fund
HLG Fixed Income Holdings Fund Hong Leong Fixed Income Holdings Fund
HLG Income Management Fund Hong Leong Income Management Fund

Ng concluded, “Through this merger, we aim to not only grow domestically but also regionally, providing top-notch investment solutions to larger markets as well as superior value to all our stakeholders.”

About Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (318717-M)

Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (formerly known as HLG Unit Trust Bhd) is an established asset management company, and a member of the Hong Leong Group. The company offers a comprehensive range of managed assets including unit trust funds and discretionary assets across a spectrum of funds that include state governments, insurance companies, endowments and corporations.

At Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd, we offer investors opportunities to participate in sophisticated investment products that open up global and local opportunities. With an extensive stable of cutting-edge investment products, we have continuously positioned ourselves to deliver innovation and superior value to our investors.

Our direct and channel distribution activities are also supported by strategic nationwide sales support infrastructure. This includes our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and six sales support offices nationwide in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

As at 1 June 2010, Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd has an estimated total assets under management of RM5.1 billion.