Weekly Market Update - 20 July 2015

Dated 20-07-2015

Market Outlook

Equity Market Outlook
  • We remain positive about the local market update.
  • We maintain the bottom-up stock picking strategy for our funds.
  • We remain invested in stocks that will benefit from the depreciating Ringgit.

Fixed Income Outlook
  • Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) trading was subdued last week due to the Raya holidays. Sentiment improved as a bailout agreement for Greece was achieved and subsequently approved by the Greek parliament.  Over the week, the curve steepened with the 3-year benchmark yields declining 2 bps and the 10-year benchmark rising 3 bps.
  • June’s inflation reading was a healthy 2.5%, in line with expectation. The latest reading is an improvement over the last 6 months although headline inflation may moderate in the latter half of the year.


% Growth MYR
16/7/14 to 16/7/15 16/7/12 to 16/7/15 16/7/10 to 16/7/15 16/7/05 to 16/7/15
YTD 1 Yr 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs
Hong Leong Growth Fund 7.57 3.81 27.33 43.82 96.70
Hong Leong Penny Stock Fund 16.18 10.40 39.54 73.83 165.47
Hong Leong Consumer Products Sector Fund 8.87 -1.82 18.23 70.25 224.25
Hong Leong Dana Makmur 11.39 3.82 19.51 51.87 104.99
Hong Leong Dividend Fund 5.50 0.66 19.56 54.30 101.97
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Fund 3.26 -2.03 3.38 0.98 -
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund -0.14 -5.29 2.99 5.45 -
Hong Leong Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund 9.44 -2.75 27.30 - -
Hong Leong Balanced Fund 11.36 8.57 22.70 48.75 117.06
Hong Leong Dana Maa'rof 7.69 3.03 14.17 35.29 117.85
Hong Leong Strategic Fund 2.28 -1.04 17.49 37.18 127.45
Hong Leong Bond Fund 2.51 4.68 9.90 21.29 55.08
Hong Leong Wholesale Bond Fund 2.97 5.26 - - -
Hong Leong Global Bond Fund 1.05 -1.49 8.60 22.50 -
Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Income Plus Fund 1.83 2.97 6.74 - -
Hong Leong Institutional Bond Fund 2.56 4.28 10.25 18.39 -
Hong Leong Islamic Income Management Fund 1.85 3.31 8.74 15.03 -
Hong Leong Income Management Fund 2.02 3.61 9.99 16.29 -
Hong Leong Islamic Cash Management Fund 1.77 3.27 - - -
Hong Leong Islamic Institutional Income Management Fund II 1.81 3.26 - - -
Source: Lipper for Investment Management, as at 16 July 2015

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